Psychology, Occupational, Remedial & Speech Therapists

As a multi-disciplinary practice, we are able to provide an integrated, multi-disciplinary treatment approach for babies, toddlers, pre-schoolers, primary school children and adolescents. Our therapists are professional and experienced leaders in their fields who use up-to-date treatment techniques and equipment in a fun and supportive environment.

Professional & Experienced Therapists

Assessments and therapy can be provided in the disciplines of
Occupational Therapy
Occupational Therapy assists children to reach age appropriate development in terms of their sensory processing, motor development and visual perceptual development.
Speech Therapy
Speech therapy addresses all issues related to language, speech and auditory processing skills.
Psycho-educational assessment provides estimates of the client’s intellectual, or cognitive, abilities and educational achievement levels.
Remedial Support
Remedial therapy assists learners who need extra support in scholastic tasks such as maths, reading, writing and spelling. 

A little more about us

Strubens Valley Assessment and Therapy Centre is a pediatric center in Strubens Valley, Roodepoort. The centre is conveniently situated just off Henrik Potgieter Road near to Clearwater Mall and other shopping centres. We have been in existence since 1996 and proudly serve several prominent private and government schools in the area. We prefer to create a relaxed, homely atmosphere where your child can feel safe and nurtured and receiving therapy.

We work with the child in context and therefore can work closely with parents and educators, when it is needed. Therapists make use of a whole-child integrated approach which considers the interplay between emotional, physical, social, behavioural and cultural factors. Therapy goals are set in collaboration with parents. Parental/Caregiver involvement in the therapy process is vital and significantly influences the prognosis.

Our Mission

To assist children where possible to grow, learn and develop within an accepting, supportive, nurturing therapy context where hurdles and backlogs in home school and social context can be addressed so that they are able to perform happily to their full-potential and emotional well-being.

Our Vision

To continue to grow and develop professional pediatric therapeutic services so that they can be accessible to all children who need them. In this way it is hoped that more children will be able to reach their developmental and cognitive potential in order to function as successful, happy individuals.

Introducing Telehealth

The OT Team have extended their services to include Telehealth, offering an individualised approach, taking your specific needs and circumstances into account. Sessions are goal-orientated and designed to engage children.